Ours is a 40 year story… 

A slow food story, you might say.  A story that began with a little boy in his grandad’s bakery, coming face to face with the thing that would define his life.  Bread.  And, some 4 decades later, Michael Hanson’s approach to food has never changed – a desire to make authentic products, with time honoured methods and ingredients.

The Hearth is the culmination of this outlook – a place for breaking bread, and spilling conversation with family, friends, and children.  Whilst indulging in, what we believe to be, some of the finest Neapolitan sourdough pizzas in the UK – and all using carefully sourced ingredients, and our own, locally grown, heritage flour.

We’ve been lucky enough to have had our efforts recognized with awards, and recommendations in books, the BBC Good Food Magazine, and Sunday Times Dish Magazine.  But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the trying – so why not stretch your legs and give us a go.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


The Bakehouse

Our Bakehouse is sat snugly at ground level, and sells a range of handmade pastries, savouries, and breads baked in the falling heat of our wood-fired oven.

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Home Delivery

If you can’t make it in, we’ll bring The Hearth to you. Let us do the work with our 6 day-a-week, bright as a shiny new penny Home Delivery Service.

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Choose from our wide range of Neapolitan pizzas, made using a long proving process, to our daily and lunch time specials and home-made desserts.

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The bread in your hand is the body of the Cosmos
—Thich Nhat Hanh

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Bread For Life

I was very fortunate to grow up in rural Lincolnshire, where wheat fields stretch to the horizon. Fifty years ago I was free to roam a poetic countryside, always thrilled at natures bounty and ever the giant combine harvesters. In the intervening years I have seen wheat fields get even larger, as the wheat gets […]

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“Mince Pies from the Hearth” by Gani Naylor

At The Hearth we make our mince pies the traditional way, using my grandfather Cyril’s original recipe to make our luxurious mincemeat. Apples from the orchard,  mixed vine fruit, demererra sugar, but have tweaked it by adding vegetarian suet and Harvey’s Christmas Ale. Then we take our own locally grown heritage flour,  and butter to […]

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The Hearth at London Pizza Festival

Last weekend The Hearth participated at the second London Pizza Festival at Borough Market. It brings together the best 5 pizzerias in the UK (as chosen by world famous pizza expert Daniel Young “Where to eat pizza”) to showcase their best pizzas and be judged by the customers.   Big Pat, little Zach and head […]

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