We’re Supporting Real Bread Week & Celebrating The Magna Carta’s 800th Anniversary With A Norman Loaf

To celebrate and support Real Bread Week, we’re baking a style of bread last produced in large numbers in Norman times. The Magna Carta Loaf will be made using Rivet wheat – a variety of wheat popularised and widely used during the Norman period – from world leading producer of heritage flours, John Letts.


We wanted it to be something special to support Real Bread Week, and the efforts of The Real Bread Campaign. Something that encompassed all that is great about bread making, authentic grains, slowly milled, and naturally leavened dough. We also knew it was the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta’s, so contacted our supplier, John Letts, about flours from the Norman period. He had the right flour, and from there it was only a small step to creating our Magna Carta loaf.


The manner in which we make and bake the bread would be familiar to a Norman baker, producing, we like to think, an honest loaf for hungry folk.

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