Kids Pizza Making Courses

In a world in which a third of young adults (16 – 23yr old) don’t know that eggs come from chickens (11% linked them to maize) and fewer children are being given the basic skills and knowledge to create even the simplest meals, we think a relaxed introduction to the timeless art of pizza making (and eating) can point them in the right culinary direction.

Our fun and engaging 2 hour workshops will enhance the children’s food literacy, demystify the cooking process, allow them to sit down and eat together (and maybe, at home, introduce their parents to the art of pizza making from scratch).

What’s included:

  • Pizza making class (led by knowledgeable tutor)
  • Pizza making poster / recipe
  • Key ingredients handout – with an explanation of the role of each element
  • Bread
  • Chef’s hat
  • Pizza meal
  • Fruit Drink

What To Bring:

  • A keenness to learn, an eager appetite, and a desire to have a little bit of fun

The Schedule:

Start Times – Classes take place in the morning, Monday to Friday, between 10am & 2pm. They are available on request.

Unavailable – All weekends & national holidays

Cancellations – Made 2 weeks prior to the scheduled class are fully refundable

Ages – From 7yrs to 12yrs

The Damage:

£9.50 per child


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