The Hearth at London Pizza Festival

Last weekend The Hearth participated at the second London Pizza Festival at Borough Market. It brings together the best 5 pizzerias in the UK (as chosen by world famous pizza expert Daniel Young “Where to eat pizza”) to showcase their best pizzas and be judged by the customers.

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Big Pat, little Zach and head honcho Michael the Baker headed up to London, where after a night partying they fired up their mobile pizza oven. By 10am there was feverish activity, plenty of smoke and pizzaiolos checking on the levitation of their precious pizza balls. First in at 12 were the journalists and VIPs who chomped their way through 50 of our finest pizzas – Sussex lamb with aromatic levantine spices, and the fungi-mushroom, garlic and Sussex blue cheese.  While Zach and Michael knocked out the pizzas Big Pat fielded questions, played tunes and cooked the pizzas in his own inimitable style.

During a short break the teams got to meet, swap tips, recipes and gossip, and generally have an all round great time. Then as the baying hordes pushed at the gates it was time to get back to work. For the main event was to feed 500 hungry pizza lovers – in two hours! They all wanted a slice of the Hearth pizza. With the oven at over 400c the team fed the 500 in a marathon session.

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Each customer had a vote, and whilst our lamb pizza was very popular the overall winner was the oxtail pizza from Homeslice Pizzeria. Congratulations to them, it was a very tasty pizza.


The Hearth team celebrated by downing several pints of Harveys Best in the Market Porter pub at Borough Market with some of the other thirsty pizzaiolo, who to their credit forsook the usual Peroni.

Team Hearth are looking forward to next years trip to the big city and partaking of a pint or two of Harveys.

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