Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions you regularly run by us (in no particular order, or hierarchy of precedence).

The Boring Stuff

Do We Take Bookings?
Absolutely. (Although for bookings of 15 or more we ask for a £20 deposit).

Do We Provide A Home Delivery Service?
Yes, indeed. Please see the home delivery page for details.

Is The Pizzeria Linked to The Bakehouse?
They are indeed all part of the dough and pastry empire.

Do You Have Gluten Free Pizza Bases?
Yes we do. Simply ask for one when you are ordering. However, if there is a group of you requiring gluten free bases, could you give us a bell so we can ensure we have a batch of dough large enough to meet your needs.

How Can I Pay?
With card, cash or cheque.

Do You Do Take-Away?
Yes. Just come in and order, or call ahead, and everything should be with you in a couple of minutes.

The Interesting Stuff

Where Do You Bake The Bread?
We are Lewes’ only bakery, and we prepare and bake all our bread in-house, using the falling heat of our wood fired oven.

What Is Sourdough?
Sourdough is a bread made using a long fermentation of the dough (20hrs) using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeasts. In comparison with breads made with cultivated yeast. It’s also much tastier and better for you.

Where Are Your Wines From? All our wines come from Harvey & Son Ltd. Our wonderful local brewery.

Are Your Meats Sourced Locally?
They are. All our fresh meats come from local farmers and suppliers, and our cured meats and salamis come from specialist importers.

What Kind Of Flour Do You Use?
We mainly use our own, locally grown, heirloom wheat.

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