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Bread For Life

I was very fortunate to grow up in rural Lincolnshire, where wheat fields stretch to the horizon. Fifty years ago I was free to roam a poetic countryside, always thrilled at natures bounty and ever the giant combine harvesters. In the intervening years I have seen wheat fields get even larger, as the wheat gets […]

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The Hearth at London Pizza Festival

Last weekend The Hearth participated at the second London Pizza Festival at Borough Market. It brings together the best 5 pizzerias in the UK (as chosen by world famous pizza expert Daniel Young “Where to eat pizza”) to showcase their best pizzas and be judged by the customers.   Big Pat, little Zach and head […]

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About our Companatico lunchtime menu

The Hearth was originally inspired by the rustic food of the Eastern Mediterranean, from Italy to Lebanon. Typically found in small family run establishments that often make use of spare rooms and excess produce from the owners farms or allotments. This style of food in Italy is known as “cucina povera” which is a small […]

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Bread of the Moment

It’s Easter, so there’s a new bread on the block – Heritage Hot Cross Buns, which will be be made using flour from our own heirloom wheat (which was grown just along the road, in Rodmell. The buns will encompass all that is great about real bread – authentic grains, slowly milled & naturally leavened. Or, honest […]

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Baking Christmas

If Christmas has an edible shape, then turkey, sprout and mince pie vie for ascendancy.  The sprout is the grocer’s domain, turkey we’ll leave to others, but mince pies, glorious mince pies – from smell, to taste, from touch, to shape, they are Christmas.  All wrapped up in a perfectly formed pastry package. And we’ve been […]

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