About The Hearth

Master Baker, Michael Hanson was producing artisan breads at a time when sliced white was king – a time when people used to question the sanity of his ‘antique’ approach to bread making.

Ahead Of The Curve (Before There Was A Curve)

Yet, as well as a love for artisan breads, he’d long harboured a desire to create a place to eat which removed you from life’s work-a-day pressures – through his holy trinity of good food, good drink and good company. All of which would be underpinned by a local approach to sourcing ingredients.

2012 (and all that)

And in 2012 opportunity knocked, in the unlikely form of the old greasy spoon canteen café in Lewes bus station. After redecorating, and hand-building our wood-fired oven he began serve up traditional Neapolitan sourdough pizzas using our own locally grown heirloom wheat.

The Proof Of The Pudding

For most pizzerias the base is simply a canvas for the toppings. Not at The Hearth. Each dough’s 12hr proving period ensures it’s an active ingredient – working in combination with the toppings, the base adds a richness of flavour that’s hard to beat.

So although the menu is limited, the style simple – this is a less is more scenario, which produces exceptionally tasty pizzas, time after time after time. So why not join us for a slice or two.


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